Bismarck Device

Hybrid Magnetic/Electrostatic Device


Chamber Diameter 4 inches bismarck-technology-page
Chamber Length 22 inches
Coil Length 12 inches
Coil Turns 900
Peak magnetic field 1.2 kGauss
Peak Coil Current 27 Amperes
Peak voltage 280 V

Shiner Device

New Machine for ARPA-E Work


Chamber Diameter 8 inches shiner-technology-page-2
Chamber Length 8 feet
Coil Length 7.5 feet
Coil Turns 1900
Peak magnetic field 2.0 kGauss
Peak Coil Current 150 Amperes
Peak voltage 480 V

View a Poster showing how Shiner works.

The following links include the source code for the software used to model the Tibbar device and their descriptions: